Glass Fused to Steel Tanks

Overview- Fusing glass to steel is rapidly becoming the premier technology in the tank industry today. This process, which involves heating the steel to over 1500 degrees and then applying a coating of silica glass, creates an enamel surface that never needs to be painted and is ideal for the storage of drinking water, bulk materials, wastewater or even bio-solids storage. This type of tank is also referred to as Enamel Tanks, GFS Tanks, or Glass Fused Bolted Steel Tanks.

Glass-fused-to-steel creates an impermeable barrier ideal for the storage of many varied materials since it is not impacted by liquids or vapors, controls undercutting that can be caused by corrosion and because of its durability – resistant to impact and abrasion. It is also a unique deterrent to most common graffiti since it can be easily removed and it never needs painting. Your glass fused tank will look amazing for years to come.

Applications – Glass fused to steel, often referred to as enameled tanks are designed for:

  • Storing of liquids (liquid manure, dung water, salt brine, process and fire water, lime milk, liquid fertilizers and other chemicals within the range of chemical resistance of enamel), storm water retention or re-use
  • Storing of drinking water ensuring water supply for the public
  • Storing of bulk material (grain, limestone, cement, fly ash, carbon black, wood waste, granulated plastics, salt), and possibly fodder (ensilage, haulage, wet grain crops)
  • Process tanks for wastewater treatment plant and for industrial process equipment
  • Process tanks for bio gas storage
Benefits of Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks-

  • The tank has a longer life expectancy
  • Perfectly suited for both hot and cold climates with weather extremes
  • Holds color so requires no painting
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