10' Diameter - Single Wall - 15000 Gallon Tank

A fiberglass ten-foot diameter single-wall 15,000-gallon tank can be used for water storage for drinking if you have a well that is low or if your groundwater is of poor quality. The cistern can be placed underground or above ground. Underground helps keep the water at a constant temperature and leaves the land free to be used for other things. The above-ground will be easier to clean and maintain, especially if you need valves or gauges on it.

These 15,000-gallon fiberglass tanks meet all AWWA D120, NFPA 22, NSF 61, and IAPMO standards. The dimensions are Height: 10′Length: 29′-1.5″Diameter: 10′ depending on the space around your home underground may give you more land use. These tanks can even be used to harvest rainwater. It all depends on your needs.

Model: SWT D-6 (10′)-15000Capacity: 15104 GallonsWeight: 4750Height: 10′Length: 29′-1.5″Diameter: 10′