30000 Gallon Fire Protection Tanks

Welded Steel Tank for NFPA Fire Prevention. Coned Roof with Flat Bottom. (¼” Floor with 3-16” Shell & Roof)


30000 Gallon Welded Steel Fire Protection Tank fabricated in the United States and built-in sizes from 5,000 gallons to as much as 650,000 gallons to be used for fire suppression or protection for the home of business. Included with this tank is a 24” Bolted Roof Hatch, Anchors, Exterior Painted Color of Choice, Interior Epoxy (NSF 61, Waste Water, or Other).

Additional Information

Additional information

Dimensions 36 in

12 feet

Height (FT)

36 feet


National Storage Tank

Roof Style

Coned roof w/ flat bottom



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